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Care whaiaro

  • Rosemary Tangohanga
    Rosemary Tangohanga

    Rosemary is a pine-scented herb, that grows into a small shrub that can reach up to 4 feet in height in an ideal climate. The plant produces flat

  • Aloe Vera Kakau
    Aloe Vera Kakau

    Aloe leaves may vary in length, anywhere from 30–50 cm long, and are lance-shaped with serrated edges

  • Pepeha Pepeha
    Pepeha Pepeha

    Peppermint is a fast-growing plant. Once it sprouts, it spreads very quickly

  • Tango Oriwa
    Tango Oriwa

    Olive is an evergreen tree growing to up 15.2 m in height with a spread of about 9 m. Olives are nearly round with an elongated shape

  • Tango Kakano Harakeke
    Tango Kakano Harakeke

    Ko te harakeke he otaota ia tau. Ina whakatoia mo te muka, ka 0.9–1.2 m (3–4 putu) te teitei o nga tipu.